Surface Water

Site Development

  - Earthwork and grade control

  - Stormwater design


  - Access roads

  - Lot planning

  - Hydrology/erosion control

Non-Metallic Mining

  - Permits

  - Reclamation plans



  - Regulatory agency coordination

  - Stormwater and erosion control

  - Local (zoning or conditional use)

Construction observation

  - Geomembrane observation


Water Resources

  - Design of small dams

  - Dam failure analysis

  - Dredging coordination

  - FEMA floodplain review

  - Hydraulic analysis of flood prone areas

  - Sediment basin design

  - Wetland delineation

Erosion Control

  - Shoreline protection

  - Construction site erosion control plans

Aquaculture and Wildlife

  - Constructed wetlands

  - Wetland mitigation

  - Wetland development

  - Aquaculture facilities designs

  - Wildlife ponds


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Solid Waste
Resource Recovery


  - Permitting and permit modifications

  - Design

      > Municipal solid waste (MSW)

      > Construction and demolition (C&D)

      > Industrial

      > Landfill gas collection and control system

  - Organic stability plans

  - Construction observation and documentation

      > Geomembrane observation

Transfer Stations and Public Drop-off

  - Design

  - Permitting

Operations and Training

  - Operational audit and optimization

  - Volume density analysis

  - Bidding and construction administration

  - Borrow source identification and permitting

  - Emergency/backup landfill management

  - Staff training

Agricultural Waste Management

  - Waste storage and transfer

  - Barnyard and feedlot runoff control

  - Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan (CNMP)

  - Environmental assessments

  - Discharge permits (WPDES)

  - Minnesota EAW

  - Anaerobic digester design

Livestock Production Facility Design

  - Site planning and layout

  - Construction observation and documentation

      > Geomembrane observation

Structural Design

  - Building footings

  - Retaining walls

  - Composting facilities

  - Waste storage structures